Hey, Rich Dale here.  Fourth of July week is upon us.  And the best part about the fourth — better than cookouts, having the day off, or even having the next three days off — is fireworks!

The first time my son saw fireworks, he was about 3 or 4 and was scared to death of the noise!  He hid his eyes and begged to go back to the car.  I told him OK, after you take one peek.  Once he opened his eyes, his eyes were opened!  He no longer wanted to get back in the car.  He was up to speed.

Check out the link below for the Beacon News’s list of all the fireworks displays out here in the burbs.  Of course, most towns are having their displays on the fourth, but there are enough outliers to give every schedule a shot.  Arlington Heights is having them on the 5th, Lockport on the 3rd, and Sandwich is having theirs on the 6th!

Check the link for the specific locations.  And as always, I’m kind of a stick-in-the-mud.  I always vote for leaving fireworks to the pros.  They’re bigger, cheaper, and safer!

Have fun!  And don’t let the noise bother you.