A House Decorated for Christmas Draws Hundreds a Night. Should the Owner Have to Pay?

There is quite the battle brewing in a town in New Jersey between a home owner and the city.

The homeowner has decorated his house for the last 15 years, drawing hundreds of tourists each night to check out the show!

This year, however, neighbors complained about the crowds and the city has found it to be a safety hazard, so they are fining the homeowner $3,000 PER NIGHT to cover the costs of security and a shuttle to haul people in and out.

I think I come down in the middle here. I do think he’s responsible for some of the cost of securing the area. You can’t have an event that draws people and not take responsibility. I also think the city should work with him to come up with some sort of agreement.

Like many instances in life, a little cooperation can go a long way!



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