A Judge Ruled That Giving the Middle Finger Is a “God-Given Right”

I totally remember from my Sunday School days that one of the Bible’s Ten Commandments is NOT coveting your neighbor’s house, wife, servants, or animals.  But if your neighbor is a jerk, then God is ALL ABOUT you giving them the finger!

There was a court case up in Canada, where two neighbors got into a nasty argument.  One guy swore at the other, and threatened him while holding a power tool “in a menacing way.”  In response, the other guy just flipped the double-bird.

The “victim” – the guy with the potty mouth and the power tool – was just appalled, and filed a criminal harassment claim against him.

Now, a judge has ruled on the case, and he was NOT impressed with the accusation.  The judge said giving someone the middle finger is a “God-given” right that belongs to everyone.

He added, quote, “It may not be civil, it may not be polite, it may not be gentlemanly.  Nevertheless, it does not trigger criminal liability.”  He also said that he wished he could LITERALLY throw this case out the window.

It’s a pretty funny story…you can check it out here.

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