A Little Taste of Something NORMAL!

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, filling in for Mitch Michaels and yesterday I did something that felt so normal and so fun that I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.  I went to a pumpkin farm!

Now you might be thinking to yourself, so you took some kids right? Nope.

Yesterday was my friend JoAnn’s birthday, and she wanted to do something fun and silly, so three adults with no kids went to Johansen’s pumpkin farm in Bolingbrook, and we had a blast. You don’t need admission to go into the gift shop or to buy pumpkins, but we chose to pay to go into the petting zoo. Let me tell you, we had such a good time playing with the goats, looking at the chickens and pigs, and we even got to hold baby chicks. We also went on the giant inflated slide, on the hayride, and through the corn maze. We made sure we did everything that was open.

At the end of the day, JoAnn was laughing because she’d had such a great time. And, everyone was socially distancing and wearing a mask, so I highly recommend you take your family, or maybe just your friends, to one of the many great pumpkin farms in our area.

Who knew being normal could be so much fun?

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