A New Climate Reality.

Our world seems to be on the move right before our very eyes. When I say on the move I mean changing and not for the better. Our weather has become more extreme and catastrophic with each passing day. July was the hottest month on record ever! Think about that for a moment. We’ve already had numerous named storms and hurricanes and it’s still early in the season and all the violent weather and tornadoes here in the midwest! The wild fires burning out of control out west and what that does to the air quality not to mention the quality of life for those in the path is tragic. Now this past weekend we see the horrific flooding circumstance that has taken numerous lives in a matter of moments and caused unbelievable damage. The photo above shows the devastating power of moving water and what it can do. The flash flooding in Tennessee is just another in the series of climate change steps that can be considered the new normal.

The Floods in Tennessee Aren’t Freak Accidents. They’re a New Reality.