A New Study Says Your Brain Is Not Meant to Be Awake After Midnight

Check this out.  I’m been trying to get my 18-year-old to go to sleep before I get up at 1:50am every day to do the morning show.  So far this Summer it hasn’t worked out once.  Maybe this study will change his mind…but I doubt it.

Researchers from Mass General Research Institute believe they have scientific evidence that our brains are NOT meant to be awake AFTER MIDNIGHT.  (When a lot of us “let it all hang down.”)  (???)

The basic idea is that your internal biological circadian clock is tuned towards sleep after midnight . . . and staying up triggers changes in the brain that cause people to view the world more negatively.

This may lead to more impulsive behavior and high-risk decisions . . . including drinking, overeating, gambling, and criminal activity.

Of course, not everyone who stays up late is partying at the club . . . some are working as police officers, pilots, and health care workers.  And the researchers believe their findings could have “important implications” for those people, including impacts to human behavior, decision-making, and job performance.

That said, if you’re a night owl . . . by choice or out of necessity . . . don’t be alarmed yet.  The researchers are hoping that there will be further studies.

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