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A Parent’s Right of Passage: The All-Night Build Session

Last night, was my first crack at an experience that I gather many parents have had: The all-night building session.

You know, when it’s a night or two before your kid’s birthday or Christmas and they have a gift that needs to be assembled. Maybe for you it was a bike or a jungle gym or something. For me, it was a play kitchen for my son who turns three tomorrow.

It took me three hours in my basement to put it together. Not because I’m incompetent like my family would lead you to believe, but because this thing had a TON of parts. I mean, this this is a highly engineered piece of equipment! It looks nicer than my own kitchen!


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Dad duty tonight. #BuildByNumbers

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…and time. He better be a chef.

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It looks pretty cool, right?!

It also came in such a small box! I’ve always been impressed how these things are designed to fit in the smallest box possible. Everything laid flat and there wasn’t an inch of wasted space. Sometimes if I’m feeling a little too smart for my own good, I look at something like that and quickly realize that I’m not quite as high on the spectrum as I thought!

Now, he better use the thing more than three times!

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