With ever new show that debut’s at downtown Aurora’s Paramount Theater, I continue to be reminded how lucky we are to have them in our own backyard. It’s production and talent fit for Broadway, but on Galena.

Their production of Cinderella opened about a month ago, but we were just given some videos of the show. If you haven’t seen the show yet, this may wet your whistle a bit! It looks to be another award-winner for the crew at the Paramount, and they better be careful, their trophy case is getting quite full.

Take a look at some of these reviews:

“All of the tensions of the weekend just seemed to fall away; in one song, the audience knows that this Cinderella deserved far more and also that she surely will not only find her handsome prince, but their love with be better than the world that surrounds them. Yes, all of that in the first 10 minutes…
I’d head out to Aurora just to hear the pitch-perfect Renfrow sing this score.”
“Wonderfully whimsical, from the cheery town square, to the forest where the spectacular transformation from pumpkin and mice to coach and footmen occurs, to the elegant ballroom filled with guests stunningly costumed…”


“In a graceful and superbly poised debut performance, Renfrow’s soaring voice, arresting presence, and effortless dancing ability, anchors an all-star cast in this year’s holiday offering at Chicagoland’s largest regional professional theater.”
– PicksInSix/Conversations with Ed Tracy


“The musical that’ll delight all ages this holiday season.”
– Chicagolandmusicaltheatre.com


Cinderella runs through January 9th. Tickets. Now. Do it.