A Perfect Weekend for Camping?

We had a family camping trip this past weekend! We planned it for the first weekend of June as to avoid the brutal summer heat of July and August. Best laid plans, right?

Even though our trip landed on the hottest weekend of the year so far, we still had a great time (mainly because we had air conditioned cabins to run off too in case the heat got a bit much…which it did!).

Our trip was also significant because my brother and I just lost our father on June 1st. Camping is something we had done a lot when we were kids, so we were planning on bringing the tradition back for our own kids…keeping the tradition alive. I’m thankful we didn’t cancel our trip. It allowed us to share stories and each other’s company during this rough time of transition in all our lives. It also gave my kids and their cousins time to bond and make memories. Something my dad would certainly would have wanted.

We stayed at the KOA in Union, IL, so we didn’t have far to travel, but it was just far enough for us to refresh our batteries and attack the new week with some added enthusiasm.