A Powerful Night of Theater

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, and I recently attended a performance of A Soldier’s Play at the CIBC theater in Chicago.

For Christmas, my husband and I bought ourselves the Broadway in Chicago series. We like musicals, but this one looked pretty dark, and I don’t particularly enjoy war stories. I wasn’t sure that we would like it.

Make no mistake, this is a serious drama, but it’s more about the relationships in an African-American Platoon than the war itself.

The show takes a hard look at what it meant to be an African-American Soldier during World War II, and the disagreements on how best to navigate that world.

My husband, my friends and I were all moved by this story, and so were most of the other theater goers as it received a standing ovation.

A Soldier’s Play is at the CIBC theater in Chicago now through April 16th. Find out more and get your tickets HERE