A Running List of Restrictions In Every State

Obviously, Illinois has some of the strictest restrictions in the country, but how does that compare to other states like California or New York?

What if you travel to Indiana for work and you need to know what you are driving into and out of every day?

Maybe you are one of the few who are traveling for the hoildays and need to know what Florida is up to nowadays.

USA Today has a running list of every state’s restrictions so you can stay up to date! Check it.

Here’s Illinois, in case you are wondering.


Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker announced new statewide mitigation measures on Nov. 17. The new measures, effective Nov. 20, affect retail, gyms, hotels, bars, restaurants, manufacturing, offices and more.

Gyms can remain open if patrons wear masks and schedule appointments. Retail and personal care services can operate at no more than 25% capacity. Casinos, museums and theaters will be closed. Indoor recreation activities will pause, and outdoor activities will limited to 10 people or less, with participants wearing face coverings at all times.

“This is not a stay-at-home order, but the best way for us to avoid a stay-at-home order is to stay at home,” Pritzker said.

Illinois has had a statewide mask order since April.

On Nov. 17, Chicago Public Schools announced plans to welcome some students back into classrooms in January.

Updates:Illinois Gov. announces new restrictions, encourages virtual Thanksgiving

COVID-19 infections are soaring. Lockdowns could be coming. A list of restrictions in your state.

As COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise nationwide, some states are halting phased reopening plans or imposing new coronavirus-related restrictions. Several are putting limits on social gatherings, adding states to travel quarantine lists, mandating face masks and encouraging residents to stay home, as many did in the spring.