A sad farewell to Leroy Brown

Not the “bad bad” one that Jim Croce sang about.  I suspect this was a very good one.

This past Monday, Lenny Kravitz shared the sad news that his beloved 11-year-old dog had passed away.  Kravitz shared the news on his Instagram page. along with pictures of him and his dog, Leroy Brown.

“Leroy Brown 2009-2021. Thank you for sharing your life with me,” Kravitz’s caption reads. “You blessed me with unconditional love while watching me go through it all. You were next to me during my best and my worst. We circled the globe over and over together, teaching each other what we could. You were the best. A true Bahamian Potcake. Jojo and I are missing you deeply.”

I imagine a lot of you know what it feels like, and so do I.  Rest in peace, Leroy Brown.