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A Salute to All the Hot Moms out there!

My mother was an awesome Mom, period!  I remember as a kid going through my Mom and Dad’s yearbooks.  The first time I saw my Mom in her cheerleader outfit, I think I said, “Wow, Mom, your were really cute!”  She remained cute for 79 years and will be first in my thoughts this Mother’s Day Weekend.  Have you ever found your Mother-In-Law to be attractive?  (read on)

A study published in the Daily Mail reveals that 50% of married men find their mother-in-law ATTRACTIVE. Other findings:

– 15% of married men say their mother in law is more attractive than their wife

– 25% of married men flirt with their mother in law

– 31% of married men believe their wife’s mother is attracted to them

– 18% of men feel their partner’s mother has made a subtle come on in the past

– 12% of married men say their mother in law is more stylish than their partner

A survey by B&Q reveals that mothers spend an average of three years of their lives in the kitchen. Other findings:

– the average mother spends 18 whole days each year in the kitchen

– 60% of women, between 18 and 24, say a man’s kitchen reflects his affluence and style

– 45% of women find a man with a nice kitchen more appealing than one without a nice one

A survey by Groupon reveals that 40% of mothers have faked a positive reaction to a Mother’s Day gift. Other findings:

– 55% of people try to give their mother a better gift than their brother or sister.

– mothers prefer brunch, a homemade gift or a simple card to expensive store-bought gifts.

A survey by Ebates reveals that 26% of people have forgotten Mother’s Day. Other findings:

– 36% of people aren’t sure what their mom’s favorite flower is

– moms say a spa day is the thing they want most for Mother’s Day

– 52% of people believe ‘pet moms’ should be honored on Mother’s Day

A survey by Aveeno Baby reveals that 33% of parents say being a stay-at-home mom is the toughest job. Other findings:

– 17% of stay-at-home moms say their back always hurts

– 22% of stay-at-home moms never finish a cup of coffee or tea

– 13% of moms say sometimes a glass of wine is the only answer

– 43% of stay-at-home moms compare leaving the house with kids to a military operation.

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