A Study Found “Beer Goggles” Are a Myth

Have you ever had one too many drinks, and gone home with an unfortunate-looking person?  Well, that’s on you now . . .

The idea that alcohol makes ugly people attractive may not be true after all.  A new study found “BEER GOGGLES” might just be a myth.

Previous studies have had volunteers look at random photos and rate how attractive people were.  And those studies DID find we see people as hotter if we’ve had a few drinks.  But the new study added another wrinkle to that.

This time, it was closer to the actual experience of being a single person at a bar.  And volunteers were told they’d be MEETING the people in the photos.

For some reason, that made a difference.  Being sober or drunk didn’t matter.  They rated people’s looks the same either way.

The study did find there’s another term we use that IS pretty accurate though.  Alcohol really can be like “liquid courage.”

After rating the photos, volunteers were asked to pick the people they wanted to meet in person.  And after a few drinks, they were almost twice as likely to choose the ones they’d rated as being the hottest.

In other words, we’re definitely more likely to walk right up and shoot our shot if we’ve had a shot or two.