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A Weird Day in 95.9 The River History

Two pretty strange things happened on this day a few years ago. One was a special guest snow remover, the other was a baby bottle drinking contest. Take a look:

Back on Feb 9, 2018, after a somewhat heavy snowfall, a strange sight appeared in the WERV parking lot. It appeared that Santa himself

The other strange event happened on this date in 2015. It was a co-workers baby shower (hi, Katrina!), and we had a bit of a celebration. Part of the celebration was a series of baby games, one of which being the bottle drinking contest.

Obviously, as you can see in the video, not many people took it seriously except me and Danielle Tufano. I’m not sure what was going on in Tufano’s mind, but this was a must-win event for me! I wanted it bad!! So I sucked and I squeezed and I sucked some more! But in the end, it just wasn’t enough sucking to defeat The River’s best sucker. By the way, the best part of the video is the comments form the peanut gallery, none of which I heard at the time since I was so locked in to the bottle sucking.


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