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Adam Levine (and his tank top) Wins!

It seems like the Internet is pretty divided on what they thought about the Super Bowl Halftime Show last. One thing is for sure, people had a lot to say about what Adam Levine was (and was not) wearing.

I actually made a joke in a group text that I was in… asking if Adam borrowed his tank top from my 9 year old nephew.

Others found themselves comparing his tank top print to other things and I just can’t stop laughing!

People starting asking “So Janet Jackson can’t show her nipple on TV but Adam Levine can?”

Ok, first of all…. chill out. I’m all for equality… but just chill.

Second of all… I don’t care what you think I was OK with shirtless Adam Levine. 🙂

Suddenly I want to book a trip to California. Not sure why.

Danielle Tufano




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