Adele had Spice Girls posters on her wall – Sam James had Duran Duran – How about you?

So this week Adele posted a fab picture from her childhood to show her excitement for the upcoming Spice Girls reunion.   It was all together gorgeous.


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HA! This is how I feel right now! I AM READY ✌🏻

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This had me thinking about my bedroom wall of many moons ago.  I spent my childhood falling asleep with John Taylor and Simon LeBon staring down at me (or at least I pretended they were).  I LOVED posters – kids just do.  I don’t know when we stop putting them up on our wall.  Probably when we start trying to pretend we are grown up.   I remember my cousin telling me that when she was working at a record company, one of the bands she was working with (Kajagoogoo) had a problem.  The problem was their biggest fans were kids and kids didn’t buy records, they bought posters.  So the album wasn’t selling but Limahl posters were everywhere!

As I got older the Duran Duran posters started to be replaced with Elvis Costello, Echo and the Bunnymen and the Cure – I still loved my posters but I was trying to be more edgy obviously.  So tell me what posters did you have on your wall?  How about your kids?  Any Spice Girl fans?  How about Simon LeBon?



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