Admitting You’re Wrong in Facebook Fights Makes People Respect You

Want people to respect you on Facebook?  Just do this one simple thing that no one has EVER done before:  If someone proves you wrong or makes a solid point, ADMIT it.

A new study found that “intellectually humble behavior” . . . like admitting you’re wrong . . . tends to make people on social media like and respect you more.

Different people were shown two versions of a Facebook argument.  In one, the person who’d just been proven wrong ended it with, “I guess I’m wrong and you are right on this.  Thanks for posting those links, and thanks for the conversation.”  The other version started with, “I still think I’m RIGHT.”

Basically, they found that refusing to concede a point makes you seem weak, not strong.  So you’re better off admitting it, and thanking them for teaching you something.