Aerosmith’s Peace Out Tour is Coming!

Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and I love cats, rock and roll and especially Aerosmith. So I’m excited about the fact that Aerosmith has announced their Peace Out tour. I’m not excited about the fact that they’re calling it their farewell tour.

The Peace Out tour kicks off September 2nd in Philadelphia. It comes to the United Center on September 15th, and concludes January 26th in Montreal. I’m going to go to as many of these shows as I possibly can. Chicago for sure! I had a really good time when I saw them in Boston last September. The Black crowes are opening for the band, and I love them too. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Aerosmith. I think they’ll still do one-off shows especially in Boston, and they might do another residency in Vegas, but if you want to see Aerosmith, you better make your plans now. The link to the tour announcement video is here: