Affordable Fun For The Whole Family

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and now that we’ve just seen the Oscars, you might be in the mood to get to the theater.  But who wants to spend a ton of money? You can check out some of your favorite movies at the spectacular Paramount Theater in downtown Aurora for just $1!

It’s $1 movie Mondays, and these are classic family movies that everyone can enjoy. Tonight it’s the celebration of a lifetime with the 2017 movie Coco. Next Monday, from 1985 it’s The Goonies!

$1 movie Mondays do not happen every week, so you’ll need to check the schedule, but upcoming titles include The Princess Bride, the original Ghostbusters, and School of Rock.

You can buy tickets at the door, but you must use cash, and you must use a $20 bill or smaller denomination. Of course the concession stand will be open, and you can use your card there.

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