Hi it’s Leslie Harris, and my feet are cold. My feet are always cold from about October until about April.

Now, I have lived in the Chicago area my entire life. You would think before now that I would have this figured out. But the problem is that my feet perspire a little bit, and then my socks get damp, and then my feet get cold, and I can’t get them warm again. Changing socks helps a bit, until my feet get sweaty again, or just can’t get warm enough.

Is this too much information?

Anyway, enter these nifty fleece lined slipper socks. They breathe enough that my feet don’t get sweaty, yet they’re thick enough to keep my feet warm, even in my hundred plus year old house. Like I said, you would think I would have had this figured out before now, but these are a fairly new invention, and my feet couldn’t be happier. Plus they’re super sexy. 😉

What tips do you have for staying warm during these cold winter months? Let me know in the comments

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