Again with the meteors!

Time for another meteor shower!  If you missed last Wednesday’s Northern Taurid shower, don’t worry.  The Leonid is coming tomorrow.  It happens when the Earth passes through the trail of dust shed from the comet Tempel-Tuttle, which is definitely something I didn’t know before.

Scientists say late tomorrow night, the 16th, is the best night to see it.  And it’s a good night for it because the moon will barely be a sliver.  The catch is of course that for the best view you should get away from city lights, which is easier out here in the burbs than for Chicagoans.

But if you end up missing that one too, the Geminid shower, also a pretty good one, is happening the night of December 13th.  Both are named after the constellation where they seem to come from in the sky.

Here’s more info about the Leonid shower: