Agree or Disagree, History Was Made In Yesterday’s Elections

Without going in to each person’s politics, I think the history made after the polls closed yesterday needs to be recognized.

We are seeing a lot of firsts in the US Congress across the country.

Don’t think your vote matter, check this out in the state Senate race in the 21st district.

In the Fox Valley area, Naperville native Lauren Underwood became the first African-American in 80 years be elected to the US Congress out of the 14th district.

Elsewhere in the nation:

For the first time ever, there will be a Muslim woman in Congress. Two, as a matter of fact, one from Michigan and one from Minnesota.

Michigan is the first Midwestern state to vote for legalized recreational marijuana use.

There will also be a surge of female youth on Capitol Hill. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York is the youngest woman elected to Congress in US history at the age of 29. The aforementioned Underwood is just 32.

For the first time, there will also be Native American women in Congress. One from Kansas (who also happens to be the first openly gay person to represent Kansas) and the other from New Mexico.

California will likely send the first Korean-American that Congress has ever seen, pending the outcome of a very tight race.

Not to mention the fact that Colorado just elected the first openly gay governor the country has ever seen.

I’m not here to endorse anyone’s politics. Just because someone has made history doesn’t mean they are going to be a successful congressperson. However, I am excited to see a more diverse makeup representing a diverse people.



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