Airbnb Will Ban Hosts from Spying on Guests

Yesterday, Airbnb said they’re banning the use of indoor security cameras in listings globally . . . so homeowners will NOT be able to spy on guests indoors.

Outdoor security cameras . . . like doorbell cameras . . . will continue to be allowed, but hosts will have to disclose them in the listing, so guests know they’re there.

They previously had a similar rule for indoor cameras.  They couldn’t be in PRIVATE areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, but they could be in common areas, as long as guests were notified . . . even if they promised they were “switched off” during your stay.  That’s no longer the case.

Airbnb says MOST homes did NOT have indoor cameras . . . but hosts who do have until April 30th to remove them.  After that, any host who violates the policy will face consequences, like being kicked off the platform.