All is Merry and Bright

Hi it’s Leslie Harris. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is all of the lights. I was in downtown Naperville on Wednesday, and even though it was a cloudy, drizzly day, all of the lights just made me feel so much more cheerful.

The tree that stands in the corner of my own home also brings me much comfort at this time of year. I know quite a few people who put their Christmas tree up early this year, but I’m also proposing that we leave them up for as long as possible.

If you can’t spare the space, or your live tree is dropping hundreds of needles a day, maybe leave your outdoor lights up, or maybe some lights in the windows. In fact, I think we should put up even more lights. Let’s keep bringing more light into our world that has known so much darkness this year. Show me pictures of your lights in the comments

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