All-Star Game at Wrigley? Not Quite Yet.
Hey it’s Leslie Harris, and the last time the All-Star game was played at Wrigley Field was 44 years ago! Yep, Ryne Sandberg won the Home run Derby. So aren’t we due?
Well yeah, but it’s not that easy. In these days of heightened security, the streets of Wrigley aren’t easy to keep safe.
The league has assessed each ballpark for risks of terrorism, and unfortunately, Wrigley Field is near the bottom.
But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Cubs management has met with city officials, and they’re working on a plan to install small posts around Wrigley. This would stop dangerous traffic, but would also allow the bars and restaurants to stay open. (I’m thinking they are working on other plans that they aren’t divulging.)
The Texas Rangers are hosting the 2024 All-Star game, and Philadelphia is hosting 2026, in conjunction with the semi-quincentennial, or 250th birthday of the USA.
But years 2025 and 2027 are up for grabs. 2025 seems like it might be too soon, but what do I know?
At any rate, with the weather we’ve been having it feels good to be talking about baseball. If the All-Star game does come to Wrigley, would you go? Let me know in the Facebook comments