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All Your Bracket Questions Will Be Answered Live On Wednesday Night By Danielle Tufano!

I’ll be honest. My college basketball insights don’t go as deep as they did when I was kid-less. I don’t have much time nowadays to watch college hoops, so when it comes to filling our my Mexico Madness bracket on this very website, I need some help!


And when I need well thought out insight in the world of sports, there’s one person I go to every time: Danielle Freakin’ Tufano!

Oh…does that surprise you?! Is it because she’s a woman?! What?! Women can’t know sports stuff?! I mean come on…just look at thorough breakdown she did of the college tournament a few years ago!

So much mansplaining in this video

If you’d like the same level of insight this year, join Danielle and me on Wednesday night at 7:00 on our Facebook page. Danielle will swing a machete and chop a path through the thick jungle that is the college basketball tournament so we all can come out winners on the other side!

She’ll even answer all of your burning bracket-related questions live! Sure…you may be able to find college basketball “experts” on other networks, but will it be as entertaining. Probably not!

So make sure you fill out those brackets with pencil, then join us on Wednesday where Danielle will fix it all for you!

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