Almost Every Other House On Your Block Could Be Suffering Financially From The Pandemic.

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been felt by a great many people. Some literally out of work, some furloughed, some working from home, some having to stay home because their kids are not able to be in school, some cut down to slim part time, some with no health insurance coverage. There are so many stories, but I just saw a poll that said the pandemic financially impacts almost half of America’s households. The poll finds nearly half the households in America 46%  report facing serious financial pain during the pandemic.  This problem is more acute in the four largest U.S. cities (New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston) and among Latino and Black households. That means almost every other house on your street could be having at least some issues due to the pandemic. Your neighbors or maybe you are affected adversely by this COVID 19 virus. Whether you’ve tested positive or not!


Poll Results.