Amazon Fresh Is Here In Naperville.

I’m a shopper and I like stores that offer convenience and an easy experience. I shop at Jewel a lot, but Aldi offers good deals and they’ve upgraded their brands. I go to Mariano’s, Whole Foods and I’ve checked out Pete’s Market, but it looks like I’ve got a new spot to take a shot at. The new Amazon Fresh just opened in Naperville yesterday. From what I’ve read it sounds very 21st century and very Amazon witrh checkout-free Dash Carts, which are outfitted with cameras, sensors and scales that detect what items you’re buying so you can skip the checkout line and voice-enabled Alexa terminals. Employees trained as “Dash experts” were at the ready to explain how to use the carts. I’m very intrigued so I’m headed there soon. “Aleza take me to Amazon Fresh”. You comin’?

Click Here For Amazon Fresh in Naperville.