American Airlines has figured out a way to get rid of all the alcohol they haven’t been able to sell on planes…they’ve created a new wine delivery service.  You can order the fancy bottles of wine they serve to first class for $13 to $40 per bottle.

How the Flagship Cellars wine experience works:

  • American will hand-pick wines from its Flagship wine collection, chosen by an award-winning master sommelier exclusively for American.
  • Anyone 21 years or older can select their wine preferences at
  • Customers can select from curated collections of mixed wines, build their own custom box, or purchase a monthly wine subscription which includes three wines for $99.99, including delivery.
  • Subscriptions may be for a limited time (while supplies last) and can be canceled at any time. Introductory offer includes an extra complimentary bottle of wine. Program and availability limitations on orders vary by state.

For some of us, this may be as close to flying first class as we’ll ever get! Wanna flood your taste buds with airplane wine? Here ya go!