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American bosses — take notice!

A week or so ago, Danielle’s blog talked about the benefits of an afternoon nap.  Check it out here:

I agree with that 100%!  The problem is that most American business don’t seem to.  American bosses are extremely allergic to napping employees.  Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that it would be easier to bounce back from embezzlement than from being caught nodding off?  It’s quite the taboo in this country.

Seriously, having done more than my share of working office jobs, falling asleep in any way shape or form during the workday is extremely frowned upon.  And I’m not talking about curling up under your desk like George Costanza.  Or visibly nodding off during a meeting — I can see that’s rude.  But even just shutting your eyes for a bit while thinking through a problem or something — not well received.

According to, Spain, Italy, and China are just a few of the countries that fully embrace the benefits of breaking up the workday with a nap.

Here in the USA, I think we need to wake up and start napping!

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