An Exciting Day in Space!

Hey it’s Leslie Harris filling in for Mitch Michaels, and I’ve got some exciting news. The space rover Perseverance has just landed on Mars! And, the Rover has already sent its first tweet after landing.

Okay, the Rover’s not actually tweeting, but the scientists at NASA are. Here is what the tweet said:

I’m safe on Mars. Perseverance will get you anywhere. #CountdownToMars

This is the fifth rover to safely land on Mars, after the “7 minutes of terror,” which refers to the rover having to land itself on Mars with no help from NASA because of a one-way 11 minute time delay.

The team sent a signal to the rover to begin entry, descent, and landing, but the spacecraft operates independently from there, while the people back on Earth anxiously wait.

But, Perseverance has landed safely, and everyone is rejoicing.

The team at NASA has been working on this for literally years, and the craft has been traveling for about 7 months! The probe will be searching for signs of life, so get ready to meet your first martian.