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An Ode To Samantha James…I Will Miss You

Good Evening!  Tim Thomas in for Samantha James…and I am sad she is leaving.    🙁

When I joined the River a little more than 1 year ago, I knew I was joining a pretty impressive staff of talented people.  Scott, Mitch, Danielle, Nick…but I also was going to meet Samantha for the first time.  This was someone I had grown up listening to for a long time.  I remember her from her days at Q101 when she did an 80’s lunchtime request hour.  She once put me on the air for a request.  I was a fan…and still am.  I suspect many of you are too.

Maybe it was the British accent…or maybe it was just how conversational she was.  Her English terminology always make me smile.  And she was..and still is amazing at her job.  I could listen to her for hours.

Well my first meeting with her was at a staff meeting.  I was a little nervous.  Not sure why…but I was.  That went away very quickly.  She could not have been nicer to me.  She was as warm as she seems on the air.  It was not an act…that is who she is.

She is cool…thoughtful, helpful, talented…and as some of you know if you were at the Pride parade, she is a great hugger.  Just a positive person to be around.  That is rare to find.  We bonded a bit over our love for 80’s music.  Her knowledge was amazing…and gave me a run for my money.   And she always had a smile.  It was truly a privilege to call her a colleague and now a friend.   I was always honored when she asked me to fill in for her.  To hear her compliment me on my work on the station…that was validation enough.

Please wish her well for the next 3 nights and I truly hope she keeps her word and crashes the River Prom next year.  She will be welcomed with open arms.  I learned a lot from Samantha, and I am sad to see her go.  But I am blessed to have worked with her and learn from her.  Best wishes Samantha.   Please come back to visit us sooner than later.

You are good!  And I will miss you very much.  Thank you for everything and being the warm and kind person you are.   All the best

~ Tim Thomas

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