And Now It’s Flu Season!

Got your COVID vaccinations and now the indication of a third or booster shot will be necessary, so I can see where the public would be a bit vaccination weary. The problem is we really need as many peeps as possible to get the vaccine or we will not stifle this virus and it will continue to be deadly. The resistance to getting vaccinated is odd to me because we as baby boomers experienced the early polio vaccines and our kids today are required to have certain shots for the likes of mumps, measles and several other diseases before they are allowed to attend school.  So what’s the big deal with adults getting a vaccine that helps prevent critical infection and spread of COVID and helps to curtail this pandemic? I hate to bring this up but as we enter into fall that means flu season is right around the corner. Last year we saw almost no flu at all mainly because everyone was at home isolating and locked down. This year could be much different and more aggressive when it comes to the flu. So will you be getting a flu shot? I started getting them a few years ago at the urging of my personal physician because of age and because of some planned over seas travel. Hey when the years add up ya gotta listen to someone right?

It’s Time For A Flu Shot. Here’s What You Need To Know.