And The Favorite Holiday Movie Is:
Hi this is Leslie Harris, and Scholaroo has comes up with some fun lists, often finding out what is favored by each state. So now they have come up with a list of favorite holiday movies.
In fourth place we have The Nutcracker, being the favorite movie of just one state, Alaska. I wonder if it was filmed there.
In third place, we have falling for Christmas, the new Lindsay Lohan holiday movie, favored in California, Florida and Colorado.
In second place is the Grinch. I love the old animated holiday classic, but I’m not a fan of the full-length movie, unlike people who live in Texas, Montana and Arkansas.
And the number one holiday movie, favored in 18 states including Nevada, Ohio, Wisconsin and yes,  Illinois, is of course Home Alone.
What are some of your favorite holiday movies? Let us know in the comments.