And The Winner Is…

Hey it’s Leslie Harris, and I do love my peanut butter cups. So do a lot of other people, and in fact, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups top the list of the most popular Halloween candy, according to instacart. (By the way, they figured out this list based on how many ounces of each candy was sold)

So what do you think the second most popular Halloween candy is? Here’s the rest of the list of the top 10:

2 Peanut m&Ms
3 Plain m&Ms
4 Tootsie pops (this one surprised me, but maybe because it’s a lower price)
5 Twizzlers (again, this surprised me)
6 Hershey’s milk chocolate
7 Sour patch kids
8 candy corn (who likes candy corn?)
9 KitKat
10 Starburst

What surprised me most about this is that the number one candy in Illinois is Twizzlers!

Have you bought your Halloween candy yet? Do you buy what you like, what you think the kids will like, or do you have another criteria such as cost? Let me know in the Facebook comments