If you are anything like me, you are perplexed as to why this seemingly random meme featuring a photo of an angry middle-aged woman screaming adjacent to a photo of a seemingly smug cat who refuses to eat his vegetables.

DailyDot.com did a rather deep dive into this whole thing. It’s very well written and surprising entertaining for a subject so – let’s face it – dumb. You should read it!

Here’s my quick summer of it though:

First…the photos.

The photo of the woman is easy. It’s some chick from one of the Housewives TV shows or something. OK, got it.

The cat photo is actually from a dude on Tumblr called deadbeforedeath. He posted the catograph in question back in June of 2018 with the caption “he no like vegetals.” It got a ton of likes. Yada yada.

Then the defining moment of this whole ordeal. Twitterer @MISSINGEGIRL posted the two photos side-by-side. Why? She just thought it was funny! That’s it!

From there, it just took off. Naturally, when a photo like that becomes popular, some will start putting words to it, creating a meme. The rest is Internet history!

The more you know!