Has anyone noticed that while this morning’s temperatures are colder than yesterday in most places, there is a different vibe in the air? It’s like this is no big deal anymore since we have one day in our rear view mirror.

If you remember yesterday, businesses shut down, the roads were almost empty, and people (including myself) were on edge with how the cold was going to effect everything. It was fear of the unknown!

Today, businesses are opened up (except for the McDonald’s I tried to buy coffee from, they delayed their opening time to 8:00…what’s up with that?!), there were a lot more cars on the road, and a much more relaxed feeling when it comes to the weather.

Even I didn’t wear my winter coat out of the house today! Don’t get me wrong, I had it with me, but I hate driving in huge coats like that. I don’t mind the quick sprint from my house to my car without a coat.

I think the moral of the story here is nothing is more scary than the unknown. And now that we got the feeling for this historic cold, we know how to handle it better, and we can get on with our lives.


There are a few inches of snow in the forecast for this afternoon. Because of course.