Another Excellent Adventure in Our Own Back Yard

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and I LOVE Being a tourist right here around the city and suburbs. My (vaccinated) niece is visiting from California and on Thursday we had quite the adventure.

We took the train downtown. My niece is great at finding restaurants, and we had a wonderful brunch at Goddess and the Baker. We then headed to the Art institute.

While the cafes are closed, the building is fully open, but not crowded. We spent five hours there, seeing everything from the Impressionists, to pop art, to the Chagall windows.

My niece is keen to try different types of food, especially ones that she hasn’t found in California, so for dinner she found a jibarito place in the Logan Square neighborhood that had five stars. (jibaritos are sandwiches made with smashed plantains instead of bread) But how to get there? Another adventure, on the L!

I haven’t taken the L in years, but I figured out the closest stop to the restaurant and walked  few blocks from there. We got our sandwiches and took them to a nearby park. They were awesome, as were the tostones. (a type of fritter, also made with plantains)

We got back on the L and headed back downtown just in time to see Art on the Mart at the Merchandise Mart. We got home really late, but it was a great day.

Since I love to explore, I’d love for you to tell me about some of your adventures in the city and or suburbs in our Facebook comments.

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