Last weekend, I posted a story about a woman who had to give up her dog, then years later, adopted an older dog that turned out to be the same dog.  That was happy heartwarming.  This one is sad, but still heartwarming.

This past week, Zippy, a Jack Russell Terrier in Florida, showed exactly why dogs are considered man’s best friend.  A fire had broken out at the Butler house while the Butler family was asleep.  Zippy woke up and went throughout the house from bed to bed, barking his head off, making sure everyone in the family was up and out of the house.  Sadly, because he was such a small dog and the flames were big, Zippy was not able to make it out of the house in time.  Read all about it here.

Most of use have never been faced with a life-or-death situation where we’ve had to make a spur-of-the-moment choice between saving ourselves or risking our lives to save someone else.  Have you ever wondered what you’d do?

Let’s hope we’d all be like Zippy.  No offense to other animals, but dogs ROCK!