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Another scam to look out for

One good thing about criminals is that they keep us on our toes!  The Better Business Bureau is warning people about a new scam involving payment apps like Venmo or Zelle.

The trick involves the scammer “accidentally” sending you money, followed by a message that  says “Oops, so sorry.  I didn’t mean to send you that.  Can you please send it back to me?

The BBB says it’s a trick.  (There’s a shock!)  The ‘accidental’ money comes from a credit card that gets cancelled, invalidating the payment and removing the cash from your account a few days later.  But by then, any money you sent them is long gone.

If you get something like that, just tell ’em “I guess it’s your bad luck.  Thanks for the dough, and be more careful next time!”

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