Apple Computers Holding Their Own In Value Over Time.

So I’ve been a Mac guy for quite a while. A friend who was my go to tech person was a Mac person and I sort evolved from that. Also my son Jeff worked for Apple for about 12 or 13 years. So there’s a family connection too! Their products are pricey but very sound and well protected against outside invasions. I’ve seen Mac computers advertised for under $300.00 and MacBooks starting at just over $500.00. The pricing certainly does go up from there. So when you think about how much the original Mac computer sold for, they really have held their pricing. The first Apple-1 computers were sold for $666.66 in 1976. Forty-five years later, a still-functioning one has sold for $400,000. Bought at an auction I guess it must be the nostalgia that would make someone spend that kind of money for an old, yet working computer. I wonder if they get dial-up with that?

One of The First Apple Computers Sells For A Lot of Money.