Apple Might Just Owe You Some Dough!!

Hey, Apple may owe you some dough. Apple is refunding $50 to iPhone owners who paid for an out-of warranty battery replacement for iPhone 6 or newer devices last year. Remember Battery gate? Many iPhone users rushed to replace their batteries after Apple in mid-December confirmed that software updates to older phones — iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE models at the time — had a feature built-in to avoid unexpected shutdowns, which could slow the phones. Several iPhone users sued Apple over this. Then, on Dec. 28, Apple said it would reduce the price of replacement batteries for iPhone 6 models or later from $79 to $29. Due to consumer complaints, Apple sped up its replacement originally for late January — and regardless of the capacity of the older iPhone battery. So if you are a customer who paid full price before Dec. 29 to replace an out-of-warranty battery, you are eligible for a refund if your battery replacement was done at an Apple store, Apple Repair Center or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. This offer is good for anyone who bought an out-of-warranty battery replacement from Jan. 1 to Dec. 28 Apple says it will notify eligible consumers via email before July 27 on how to obtain an electronic funds transfer or a credit on the credit card used to pay for the battery replacement. Those not notified by August 1 can contact Apple Support.https:// Getting some money back from  company like Apple is always a good thing!!



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