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Are Video Games at fault for the Mass Shootings?

Do you think Video Games are the reason for the recent mass shootings?  I find it hard for a healthy teen or tween to transfer a video game to real life but it is certainly possible.  My son is 15 and plays these games and when he heard about the controversy he said, “No way would I ever do that!”  I have wanted to fly like Superman watching the show, I wouldn’t mind flying the Millenium Flacon if I had the chance and could figure it out.  But I would never play a shooting game and then go out and kill like I do on the game.

That is where the mental health aspect of this comes into play.  An unstable child may just take the game a little differently.  One girl who dated one of the shooters said he was obsesses with Mass Shootings.  That’s all he talked about and talked about it like she talked about TV Programs.  That’s a red flag.

Here is a story with both points of view.


  • As the country struggles to find answers for the senseless deaths in two mass shootings over the weekend, at least one politician is pointing the figure of guilt at a usual suspect: video games.
  • “I’ve always felt that it’s a problem for future generations and others,” Senator Kevin McCarthy said during a CNN interview on Sunday. “We’ve watched from studies, shown before, what it does to individuals, and you look at these photos of how it took place, you can see the actions within video games and others.”
  • While Stetson University Professor Christopher Ferguson agrees today’s video games tend to be violent, he says they’re blamed only when it’s convenient to do so. “People tend to look for these cases of young male shooters, but then they ignore cases when a shooter is an older male, like the Las Vegas shooter — who was in his 60s,” he says. “Nobody talked about video games then.” Ferguson says in spite of the spike in mass shootings, violence is generally down in the United States, “and it decreased during the video game era.”


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