Leslie Harris here filling in for Samantha James, and one of my childhood friends passed away yesterday.

Deb and I were friends throughout middle school and high school, but as often happens, especially in the days before Facebook, we lost touch after high school graduation. At my last high school reunion I walked in the door and she ran over to me and tackle-hugged me. We rekindled our friendship that night, and stayed in touch ever since.

Deb fought long and hard against the cancer that ravaged her body. She was even in a coma a few years ago, but when she emerged from it, she started to get stronger and we thought she had turned the corner. Until it came back. I’m just very grateful I had the last several years with her.

Now the other thing that is happening is that my mom recently went into a nursing home, we are coming up on the one-year anniversary of my father-in-law’s passing, and my mother-in-law is also facing health challenges.

So I guess I’m at an age when people around me are starting to break down, and I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to see. Does one ever get used to this? Does one ever want to get used to this? Your thoughts?

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