I was born in a very stranger year.

1983 – straddling the line between Generation X and Millennials.

I totally feel I was part of the pre-technology age and identify more with Gen X. I still had to call my parents collect to let them know my high school basketball practice was over and they can come pick me up.

I was well into college before my first cell phone and Facebook account, but that’s still young enough to take to them rather quickly!

I still know my childhood house phone number by heart, and use it for PIN numbers to this day, but really don’t have any other phone numbers memorized, even my wife’s.

So what am I?! Am I Gen X or am I a Millennial?!

Thank God the New York Times came out with this quiz for Xennials like me to take to help self-categorize.

After taking this quiz, here are my results…and friends, it’s staggeringly accurate!

So here’s the deal. You really are just an old millennial. You should embrace your life as a millennial and be thrilled you escaped the existential exhaustion of life as Gen X. It’s really not so great!

But you still may find a generational rift with true millennials. Partly that is just about being older. Life has its way with all of us — like water on the rock, it will wear you down.

But also you may be slightly more caustic or ironic than those who are five or 10 years younger than you. You may be just a smidge more practical and a smidge less idealistic. You probably share a drive with the millennials toward wanting fairness for all people, but you also probably over-share a teensy bit less.

Also you probably have slightly better taste in music.

How they know me from just 15 questions is a little scary…but not scary enough to put my phone down. That’s so millennial.