Are You A True Aldi Nerd?

My wife and I have been going to Aldi for quite some time, we’re huge fans. I knew there were a lot of others who share our passion for it, but when she told me about the Facebook group Community, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw!

The group has nearly A MILLION members! 789,000 to be exact, and growing every day.

Chances are if you are reading this and you aren’t already a member, about 30 of your friends probably are!

And man, is this group active! Over 50,000 posts or comments PER DAY!!

People share unique finds, like the extremely popular everything bagel seasoning, some sort of floor runner and a very popular crushed velvet comforter that everyone seems to need. Things get to such a fever pitch that stores will run out of certain items because people post it on this group and others go out hunting for it.

Oh, and don’t forget about all the charcuterie boards that people are creating solely from ingredients found at Aldi. It’s incredible, actually!

Aldi Nerds in this group even have their own type of secret code

Do you know what the AOS is? I had no idea until I joined this group. It’s the one aisle in Aldi that just has all the random stuff that you are drawn to like a moth to a flame. It’s affectionately called the Aisle of Shame.

If you are ever wandering around your local Aldi, go ahead and ask someone, “Where’s the ranch?” If they answer you with “Where the deer and the antelope play,” then you know they are also a fellow Aldi Nerd and you can share a smile and nod comfortable in knowing you are part of the best secret grocery shoppers society out there.

You can even buy Aldi Nerd swag!

So, fellow Aldi Nerds, join the group and prepare to have it take over your news feed!