Are you an Inny or an Outty?

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and I just had one of the best weekends ever!

Thursday night, I got to interview and go on stage to announce Night Train, an amazing Guns and Roses tribute band, along with Bon Jovi tribute band Bad Medicine. They both rocked the Arcada Theater in St Charles!

Friday night, I was involved with a benefit for the Illinois Rock and Roll Museum, helping with stage announcements at an event called Women who Rock Illinois! The headliner was Cathy Richardson, lead singer of Jefferson Starship. I got to chat a bit with Cathy, and, I got to play tambourine on stage with the PriSSillas! So much fun!

And then Saturday night, I was at the Rialto in Joliet for Get the Led Out. Another amazing night! I did some fun videos from inside the theater before the public was let in, then I got to meet lots of fans of the River, and then I got to announce the band on stage! And of course, I stayed for for the show. I mean, who wouldn’t?

When I tell people that I was at concerts three nights in a row, a lot of people can’t believe I’m still standing. But, I love live music so much that I actually get energized from it.

How about you? Does going out drain you, or do you get energized from it? Let me know in the comments, and also let me know what shows you’ve been to, or what you’re looking forward to