Are You Commuting Again & How Is It Working For You? If Not You May Be Missing Out!

The pandemic changed us in so many ways! I remember getting the news from our corporate headquarters on Friday March 13th that we would all be working remotely from home starting that following Monday. The pandemic was on. At the time I was not happy and felt this was an over reaction, but I was proved wrong as we watched this thing take hold and change almost everything in our lives. We were able to return to the studios by the end of June, but the building was still empty with most of our co-workers continuing to work remotely. It has been that way ever since. Not driving the 20 plus miles each way each day was a savings but I have to say I did miss getting out and about. Many have continued to work from home as this thing has made permanent changes to the way and where so many work their jobs now. I am so glad to be back in studio and I do enjoy the ride to and from. It gives me a chance to clear out my head a bit. Sometimes reviewing some ideas going to and reflecting going home although it’s a great time to simply flush a lot of thoughts and just get away, too! It would seem that many have that commute desire or need. An interesting study that commutes are a source of “liminal space”  a time free of both home and work roles that provides an opportunity to recover from work and mentally switch gears to home. Click below for full disclosure.

Commuting May Have An Upside And Remote Workers May Be Missing Out.