Are You Paying More This Year?

Hi this is Leslie Harris. According to at least one new source, we may be paying more for pumpkins this year.

As you may know, Illinois is the pumpkin capital of the world, so I think our prices on average may be lower.

The national average price of a pumpkin was $4.04 in 2019, $4.18 in 2020, and last year they jumped to $4.83. Some experts are predicting that the national average price of a pumpkin could rise to $5 this year.

I just bought some of those heirloom pumpkins today, which are usually pretty pricey, but I found them on sale for $5 each.

I usually find my regular pumpkins at Aldi for about $3 each. I haven’t checked out their prices yet this year.

Have you gotten your pumpkins yet? Have you noticed a price increase? Where’s the best place to get pumpkins? Let me know in the comments